Mankychops Est Dec 2007.

Originally a Art Studio based on Wellingtons Cuba St  which offered free space for young Artists to come and work, study, hangout chill and meet other Artists . The studio provided Pens Paint Paper and many other useful tools and resources that could be used if needed.

The Studio become a great networking hub for Artists and before to long the Artists that were coming and using the space really needed a Place to showcase their work so the decision was made to make half of the space a Gallery and keep the other half a Studio and Creative space.

Mankychops Studio Gallery Opens its doors . 28th May 2008 The Grand Opening was a great Success and featured many great Artists young and old from all over NZ .

 It was a exciting time for us and to see hundreds of people from all walks of life come along and support the evening.. it was mind blowing .

Since the opening in 2008 Mankychops has held over 100 Free Art Shows for the people, and have helped many Artists Establish them selves assisting with Promotions and Sponsorship.  




 The Surfing Element 

Manky's has Supported Surfing since it was Established in 2008

Helping the WGTN Boardriders with various things over the years . Poster Design . Sponsorship . funding . and Judging Comps.    As WGTN generally gets overlooked by Big Name Sponsors Manky's decided to start Sponsoring Local Young Surfers  to give them the recognition they deserved . The Surfers that we originally supported still rep manky and are very much the back bone of the surfing side of Mankychops.




Skateboarding is a major element and a big player in the progression of Mankychops as a Brand .   

Just after Mankychops was established we were approached by Manual Magazine NZ's Leading Skateboarding Mag .  to host a Art Show named LOVE & GUTS a Artshow which Travels around the world Complimenting the International Bowl Skateboarding Competition Bowl A Rama . the Art Show was the brain Child of Skateboarding Legends Lance Mountain . Steve Caballero and Pat Ngoho.  This show was the start of over a Decade of Hosting this show and building a Partnership with the international Bowl Competition now named Bowl Zilla and relationships with many Skateboarders from all over the world .




Mankychops was also the first in NZ to hold a Skateboard Exhibition. where Artists from all over NZ we given a Skate Deck to Paint . All Decked out was the Name of this Show teaming up with Friends ALC  .

Mankychops would then go on to hold another show this time which was held at the Wellingtons Te PaPa.  Named Skate of the Art it featured not only Local Artists but also included Pro Skaters works from those that would come to Compete in the Bowl Competition Bowl a Rama .


2019 Mankychops Held DECKAID . once again a Skateboard Exhibition to Mark a 10 year anniversary since the one held at Te Papa .. the exhibition was a Artist Chosen Charity Show where the Artists would chose what portion of the sale of there Skateboard would go to what charity . this show was a total Success with over 120 Artist invited to paint Decks .  350 people would turn up to support this event people once again from all walks of life including kids and parents .

As the space was huge we decided to build a 4Ft Ramp inside which we were lucky enough to get donated to the cause about 10k worth of wood from IBUILT .  This ramp was a total Game changer .

for  12 months following Mankychops  had a indoor skate spot on the cnr of Pirie and Homes Street Wgtn .  Originally was the location for the Deckaid Skateboard show however the owner of the building ended up giving it to Mankychops to use until the building would get knocked down and turned into apartments .   Mankychops made the most of this opportunity and held over 10 Artshows for the Community Gigs and Birthday Parties and allowed people from all over to come and skate the Manky Mini .

 Tagging and Graffiti 

Mankychops were guilty for what some called " Housing young Taggers.  However we were trying to give direction to many Teenagers by making them feel apart of something , giving them the opportunity to help out and giving them responsibility within the Manky Circles .  Most of which Developed their Artistic Skills by learning from other Artists which were passing through , Hanging out or having Shows . Great friendships were made during our time at 166 and those kids are now doing great things with in our community as young Adults .